Elan Solutions offers a variety of courses targeted at business managers. These are described below.

Re-invent Your Business

Renew Your Business
  • Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy theory
  • Porters 5 forces and SWOT analysis
  • Portfolio management, the identification and prioritisation of business changes needed
  • Operations vs Programmes vs Projects
  • The value of business process review
  • Change models and steps
  • Change management, communication plans and organisation design
  • The motivation of teams and team members
  • Coaching as a successful development tool

Job Profiling

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  • Organisation design and structure
  • Why job profiles are the most strategic Human Resources document
  • The benefits of proper job profiling
  • How to write a job specification
  • How to write key performance areas and tasks
  • The impact of proper job profiling on job evaluation

Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation
  • Job evaluation systems
  • The benefits of job evaluation
  • Internal and external parity
  • The Paterson job evaluation system

Practical Employee Relations for Managers

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  • Basic discipline management, warnings and grievances
  • Disciplinary hearings, the process, leading evidence and investigations
  • Establishing a fair employee relations culture