Operational Human Resources

Empower. Optimise. Simplify.

Operational Human Resource Management is an institutional process that maximizes performance levels and competency for an organization. The process includes all the activities needed to maintain a productive workforce, such as field service management, human resource management, performance and training management, data collection, recruiting, budgeting, forecasting, scheduling and analytics. (Wikipedia)

What We Do

We work closely with management and HR teams to Empower, Optimise and Simplify. 

Full or partial HR Outsourcing 

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Job Analysis, Design & Profiling

Our Job Profiling framework allows for easy job grading/evaluation and competency profiling.

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Job Evaluation

We help you ensure fair remuneration practices by providing a structured and systematic approach to assess the hierarchical placement of jobs within your organisation and the relative value of different jobs.

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Employment Contracts

We support you in designing customized employment contracts, ensuring compliance with best practice and legislative requirements.

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Performance Management

We provide a simple yet effective way to performance manage employees with minimum red tape. The focus is on creating a performance culture designed to provide feedback that motivates, engages and grows employees and managers.

Operational HR Services

Legislative Compliance

We will assist Management and HR teams to ensure that the organization is fully compliant with all relevant HR legislation, avoiding the financial and people risks associated with possible legal penalties and action.

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Talent Management

We assist with identifying, attracting and tracking the development of High Potential candidates for Succession Planning.

Payroll Services

We provide cloud-based payroll services with easily accessible payslips, transactional processing and integration with finance systems.  At the heart of good HR hygiene is effective and efficient payroll services.

HR Management Services

Our services are suitable for:

Small Business Owners: Managing HR operations optimally and effectively takes significant time and expertise. As a small business owner, you find yourself stretched in managing product development, service delivery, managing the business finances amongst other critical aspects of managing a small business. By hiring our HR consulting services, we can support you in aligning your HR function within the business to achieve the vision for the business, without you having to invest in an HR department and employing additional staff, leaving you free to focus on growing your business and successfully leading your team into the future.

Medium-Size Businesses: Taking your business from a medium sized business to a large organization requires a unique HR skill set for the transition. Elan Solutions specializes in working with and guiding management and HR teams through organizational growth and change management. We will not only ensure that HR best practice is in place but can facilitate the development of the organisation’s HR strategy, to align with the business’s overarching objectives, goals and vision.

Corporate oganisations: We can assist in addressing an area of deficiency within your HR department, or by managing a specific project that is outside of the day-to-day operations within the business. Having an objective, independent party will assist with the assessment and analysis of current strategy, structure, policies, processes, and practices, and to make recommendations to be implemented to improve productivity, business performance, as well as employee attraction, engagement, development and retention.

Benefits of Hiring US

The benefits of hiring Elan Solutions as your HR Consultants include:

  • Aligning Human Resources Operations with HR and business strategy.
  • In depth knowledge of how to implement HR policies, procedures and processes to improve operational excellence and organizational effectiveness.
  • An unbiased and objective perspective informed by our many years of human resources and management consulting experience in different industries.
  • Cost Efficiency by partly or fully utilising our HR operations capabilities.
  • The latest and greatest in the Human Resources field. We stay on top of the latest developments and changes in our field.
  • We help you position your business to attract, engage, develop and retain top talent.
  • We help you manage human resources risks by providing a comprehensive HR advisory and consulting service, ensuring HR compliance and risk management.


It’s not what we say that matters but what our clients say!

Kobus Erasmus

Kobus Erasmus

Piping Designer / SPIE
Engineering Nederland

I have had the honour of working with Karlien for more than five years. Our industry was subject to serious market instability and this made our task of providing a service very difficult and had a negative effect on our employees. Despite the problems this presented in sourcing and keeping talented and experienced staff, Karlien guided the management team and me through these turbulent times with competence. She provided me with mentorship, assisting growth in my management skills and capabilities. Her support made my job much easier, and I always had the freedom to discuss my departmental challenges with her.

James Armitage

James Armitage

Global Talent Acquisition Manager / Louis Dreyfus Company

Karlien demonstrated a comprehensive capability to deliver formative and essential HR functions to immediate and longer-term business operations recognizing opportunities and addressing risks appropriately. I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with Karlien and recommend anyone who has the opportunity to do so to take it with both hands.

Abrie Grobler

Abrie Grobler

Industrial Relations & Human Resource Specialist

Karlien brings together a very rare combination of skills that distinguishes her from her peers in leadership and management positions. An unmatched emotional intelligence combined with an incredible attention to detail, strategic thinking and coaching ability makes Karlien the perfect person to head an HR culture in any organisation. Her passion for people, assertiveness and technical knowledge along with years of experience combines in effective goal orientated leadership. She has excelled in very challenging arenas characterized by high pressure, unprecedented challenges and project deadlines exceeding all expectations.