Project Human Resources


Project human resource management involves organizing and managing a project team. The team is usually made up of people with specific skills and responsibilities. It describes the processes that enable the project manager to organize and lead the project team. The project management team are the custodians of project leadership, culture, motivation and resource planning activities.

Our services are suitable for

Human Resources Projects:  Organisations often lack the internal capability to execute on specific human resources projects.  We work closely with management and human resources teams to manage strategically identified human resources projects.  Our expertise in organisation design, job design, job evalution, talent management, performance management and the labour relations landscape enables us to add value to any size enterprise, whilst developing internal capacity through our coaching capability.

Mega Projects and/or Programmes of Projects:  A highly underrated competency for project-based organisations, Programme and Project Managers often find themselves without the human resources capability they need.  We provide a sub-contracted, outsourced human resources capability for mega projects and/or programmes of projects.  We assist with the design of project organisations and the attraction, engagement, development and retention of project resources.  We are experts in the project resources management with expert knowledge of the project staff mobilisation, demobilisation and utilisation processes, enhancing your project people management capability.

What We Do

We work closely with Programme / Project Managers and HR Teams to Empower, Optimise and Simplify.

Resource Management

HR Strategy development and planning projects

We work with HR teams to facilitate the development of short-, medium- and long-term strategy and organisation development initiatives. Facilitating, formulating and assisting with the implementation of the strategy and organisation development initiatives. We project manage, track, monitor and identify continuous improvement initiatives relating to Human Resources and Human Resources Teams.

Human Resources Change Projects

Our capability in organisation design, job design, job evaluation, talent management, performance management and applicable labour legislation enables us to manage and add value to your business. Acknowledging that people are the common denominator in the successful execution of change projects, we have a structured approach in managing and communicating change projects.

Resource Demobilization

Project Human Resources

We have many years human resources experience in IT, mining, construction and engineering mega projects and programmes. We understand the urgency and importance of getting the project resource management process right! We have worked on major projects and programmes, understanding the urgency of resource mobilisation and the importance of mobilising quality resources to ensure timeous and quality project delivery. You plan for the hours; we provide the services required!

Why Hire A Project Human Resources Consultant

  • Experience in planning, tracking, monitoring and continuous improvement of organisation development initiatives
  • Expertise and experience due to our many years of experience in Project Human Resources management.
  • An unbiased and objective perspective informed by our many years consulting and operating in different project-driven organisations.
  • Cost Efficiency by utilising our partly or fully strategic Project HR management capabilities.
  • The latest and greatest in the Project Human Resources field. We stay on top of the latest developments and changes in our field.
  • We help you position your business to attract, engage, develop and retain top project talent.
  • We reduce risks by managing and providing a comprehensive Project HR advisory and consulting service to improve Project HR compliance and risk management.


It’s not what we say that matters but what our clients say!

Craig Tarlington

Associate Director at Hatch

Dedicated, professional and motivated HR professional. Karlien has lead one of the most complex multi-billion dollar HR project teams in Africa’s history. Hiring 50 people per month for 60 months with 12% annual staff turnover rate in a highly pressurised environment takes a mixture or skill, experience and leadership. Karlien is a rare person and will add significant value to any organisation.