Coaching is a personal, professional, leadership change, growth and development  process.

Want to invest in your personal, professional and leadership growth and development?

Do you need:

  • To improve your self-awareness and your awareness of others?
  • To work on your communication and listening skills?
  • To learn how to build effective relationships?
  • To make difficult decisions about your career?
  • To grow and develop professionally?
  • To understand your unique leadership capabilities?
  • To grow and develop as a leader?
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What we do:

We work closely with individuals, teams and businesses to empower human resources within organisations by providing a platform for personal, professional and leadership growth and development.

How do we help you:

Restart! Reinvent Your Future Coaching Programme

We go on a personal growth and development journey with you. Helping you to better know and understand yourself and the unique contribution you make to the world. We share various tools and exercises to encourage self-development and growth.

Kick-Start! Reinvent Your Future Coaching Programme

We use the basis of self-awareness and self-development to enhance and guide your decisions about your career. We have developed various tools and exercises to help with the thinking process and guide you to the career choices best suited to your unique abilities and capabilities.

Jump-Start! Reinvent Your Future Coaching Programme

We use all the tools available to us and our leadership development toolkit to further prompt, guide and coach you to understand your strengths and development areas. Our programme is guaranteed to help you communicate better, build better relationships and lead your team and/or business effectively.

Why Engage A Coach?:

  • We provide a confident soundboard. You are not alone. You can bounce your ideas off us whether they are big or small.
  • We provide honest and truthful feedback. Others are hesitant to give us truthful and honest feedback for fear of our reaction. When you engage us, we promise to help you understand this and to help you to be able to give and receive feedback in a positive manner.
  • We believe in you and your potential. We support and help to build the self-awareness and confidence you need to understand your impact on the world around you and the decisions you make.
  • We will hold you accountable for you self-, professional and leadership development. Leadership is not always hierarchical.
  • There are many areas within an individual’s life where they can step up and become a leader. We aim to empower you to achieve this.


It’s not what we say that matters but what our clients say!

Rumisha Motilal Photo

Rumisha Motilal

Executive Director

Multi Award Winning Female Leader. Basadi women of the year 2021. 2021 Global Top 100 most influential leaders under 40. 2021 Standard Bank Top Businesswomen. 2020 Future HR Rising Star Multi Award Winning Female Leader. Basadi women of the year 2021. 2021 Global Top 100 Most Influential Leaders under 40. 2021 Standard Bank Top Businesswomen. 2020 Future HR Rising Star June 13, 2019

Karlien has been exceptional in helping me grow my leadership skills in my Sales Manager role. She guided me through coaching and helped me develop common ground in challenging situations. Her knowledge of global leadership dynamics, coaching, listening skills and empathy sets her apart from others in her field. She is always willing to help, support and see the best in everyone. She is an excellent contributor to leadership and organization development. Thank you Karlien for believing in me.

Stella Dees

HR Consultant

I connected with Karlien through Rotary International, which was the start of our professional relationship. Karlien is thorough, methodical, decisive, business minded and all about what is practical. Karlien has a wealth of experience. She is passionate about mentorship, particularly coaching millennials and startup businesses through the murky waters. Above all, Karlien has a massive heart filled with serving the causes she feels strongly about. It is a privilege having Karlien in my corner.

Dawie de Jager

Sales Representative

Wow what else is there to say…

Karlien is way more than what her profile says. She has absolutely changed the way my wife and I navigated Business.

Karlien does not just Coach you in business but helps you to change the way you view the word and its challenges.

Karlien is a definite must for any company wanting to grow their staff and themselves.